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The SHIVAMRIT™ Chronic Pain Relief Oil is 100% Vegan and Jain friendly. Our oil is a specially derived ayurvedic formulation with the aim to provide individuals with a pain-relieved body. The oil is derived from the plant cellulose of the Vijaya Leaf Extract and the goodness is then distributed in the patient’s bloodstream. With the power of ancient Ayurveda, the Chronic pain relieving oil does an exceptional job of soothing muscle spasms and tension. Consistent use of our oil over a period of three months will effectively help in improving the overall physical and mental well-being of every individual. And thanks to the ECS system present in every human being, the medication effect of our oil starts within 90 mins. Vijaya leaf extract present in the oil relaxes the skin, reduces stress and anxiety, and soothes every- body muscle. Our oil also reduces nerve pain by activating CB1 and CB2 receptors present in the human body, thereby helping alleviate the pain. Vijaya leaf extract also plays a role in the endorphin system and reduces a patient’s perception of pain, making it feel less intense and easier to deal with. The leaf extract has also shown evidence of enhancing the mood, relieving depression, and improving immunity and sleep disorders. Vijaya modulates the endocannabinoid system expressed in different pain pathways and effectively reduces the pain threshold in patients suffering from pain. It increases the production of the endogenous bliss molecule Anandamide in the body and relaxes the muscles. 

When our oil is applied, it spreads & absorbs deep into the skin, and activates its ingredients to provide relief from pain with a calming effect. The amazing blend of Ayurveda in our oil is a perfect solution for body pain, as it gives relief from muscle stiffness, muscle soreness, or any sports injury after an intense workout.  Regularly massaging with our oil will strengthen the bone, increase blood supply to the surrounding muscles and rejuvenate the nerves, thus providing lasting relief to the body. Since our oil is a creation based on the traditional healing system of Ayurveda, it places equal emphasis on the body, mind and spirit.  

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The capsule itself and its components are 100% Vegan and Jain friendly. Derived from plant cellulose, the breaking down of the capsule is effortless for the stomach. Once broken down, the goodness of the Cannabinoids in the Vijaya Leaf extract and the hemp seed powder is absorbed by the small intestine and then distributed in the patient’s blood stream.

Thanks to the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) present in every human being, the body processes the Vijaya leaf extract and the user starts to experience the effects of the medication after 90- 150 mins of consumption.

Consistent use of this medication over a period of about 3 months helps improve the overall physical and mental well-being of the patient. It is recommended that the user gradually increases consumption of the medication from 1 capsule to 3 capsule or as directed by their physician.

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