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The stress and anxiety aid formulation is a bespoke ayurvedic creation to cater to very specific needs for the mental well- being of the patient. Dosed with just the right amount of the Vijaya leaf extract in every capsule, this particular formulation helps enhance the user’s mood while also reducing their stress levels.

In this full spectrum oil, the multi-dimensional goodness of the Vijaya leaf radiates its goodness throughout one’s body and mind on a far deeper level than what allopathic medications or commercial supplements can tap.


  • Vijaya Leaf Extract



  • The SHIVAMRIT™ DE- STRESS AND ANXIETY Oil is 100% Vegan and Jain friendly. Our oil is a specially derived ayurvedic formulation with the aim to provide individuals with a stress free life. The oil is derived from the plant cellulose of the Vijaya Leaf Extract and the goodness is then distributed in the patient’s bloodstream. With the power of ancient Ayurveda, the De-stress and anxiety relieving oil does an exceptional job of soothing muscle spasms and tension, and alleviates depression. Consistent use of our oil over a period of three months will effectively help in improving the overall physical and mental well-being of every individual. And thanks to the ECS system present in every human being, the medication effect of our oil starts within 90 mins. Ayurveda as a science is centuries old and is based on the principle of balancing and eliminating stress from every individual.  That is why our oil helps in relieving sleep deprivation, provides remedies for stomach-related issues, improves moods and inspires life. In our oil, the Vijaya leaf extract helps treat high BP and insomnia due to its calmative properties. Vijaya is one of the many potent and valuable herbs in Ayurveda. It comes with immense medicinal properties to help an individual lead a de- stressed life. It is known by many names, including “God Herb” and “Herb of the Immortal.” The leaf extract has also shown evidence of enhancing the mood, relieving depression, and improving immunity and sleep disorders. Our oil reduces the anxiety thresholds and helps the patient to reduce the stress suffering. The oil also increases the production of the endogenous bliss molecule Anandamide in the body which relaxes the muscles.
  • When our oil is applied, it spreads & absorbs deep into the skin, and activates its ingredients to provide relief from pain with a calming effect. The amazing blend of Ayurveda in our oil is a perfect solution for body pain, as it gives relief from muscle stiffness and muscle soreness. Regularly massaging with our oil will strengthen the bone, increase blood supply to the surrounding muscles and rejuvenate the nerves, thus providing lasting anxiety relief to the body. Since our oil is a creation based on the traditional healing system of Ayurveda, it places equal emphasis on the body, mind and spirit.

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