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The SHIVMOTI PCOS AND PCOD OIL can be incredibly helpful in treating chronic pain and depression that can come with PCOS. Much like endometriosis, PCOS is an inflammatory disorder, and the Vijaya leaf extract is beneficial in regulating it. Women experience painful periods for a variety of reasons outside of endometriosis and PCOS. 
Also, women face countless more challenges than one can imagine on a daily basis. And our specialized ayurvedic formulated oil helps those women suffering from menstrual effects, along with PCOS & PCOD patients to manage their pain and support hormonal balance subsequently helping with weight regulation.

In this full spectrum oil, the multi-dimensional goodness of the Vijaya leaf radiates its goodness throughout one’s body and mind on a far deeper level than what allopathic medications or commercial supplements can tap.


  • Vijaya Leaf Extract



The SHIVAMRIT™ PCOS and PCOD Oil is 100% Vegan and Jain friendly. Our oil is a specially derived ayurvedic formulation with the aim to provide women relief during menstrual cramps and provide the hormonal balance required for healthy living. The oil is derived from the plant cellulose of the Vijaya Leaf Extract and the goodness is then distributed in the patient’s bloodstream. With the power of ancient Ayurveda, the PCOS and PCOD oil does an exceptional job of helping many women in a variety of areas of life, especially reproductive healthcare. Consistent use of our oil over a period of three months will effectively help in improving the overall physical and mental well-being of every woman. And thanks to the ECS system present in every human being, the medication effect of our oil starts within 90 mins. Vijaya leaf extract present in the oil relaxes the women’s skin, reduces stress and anxiety, and soothes every- body muscle. Reproductive health disorders like endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), come with intense pain that can interfere with a women’s daily life, especially around or during menstruation, thus our oil helps in relieving the pain and also treat the root cause of the disorder. The Vijaya leaf extract present in the oil also has the potential to stop or prevent the process of cell proliferation and migration. Vijaya also has the power to stop the increased number of endometrial cells that occurs in women with endometriosis.
When our oil is applied, the sticky toxins in the blood are flushed out and prevents recurrence, which is the root cause of PCOS. Since our oil is solely based on the oldest healing modality on the planet which is Ayurveda, it helps in triggering the uterine muscle contractions and oust itself during periods. Also since Ayurveda treats digestive issues, headaches, pains and anxiety, it overall increases intestine absorption capacity. Ayurveda has the healing power to lead a healthy lifestyle for every woman dealing with PCOS and PCOD. Our oil is incredibly beneficial in managing period pain and discomfort. Regularly massaging with our oil will help in weight regulation, pain management and will alleviate anxiety and stress caused due to imbalance in the hormones.

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