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For people suffering from sleep deprivation or insomnia and other related ailment, Cannaking Ayurvedic Remedies has combined the properties of Vijaya leaf extract and hemp powder to regulate cortisol levels and reduce the neuron firing rate to help induce a sound and relaxing sleep.

With over 100 cannabinoids in this full spectrum capsule and the multi- dimensional goodness of the hemp seed powder, each capsule radiates its goodness throughout one’s body and mind on a far deeper level than what allopathic medications or commercial supplements can tap in.

  • 125mg Vijaya Leaf Extract


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The SHIVAMRIT™ Sleep Aid Oil is 100% Vegan and Jain friendly. Our oil is a specially derived ayurvedic formulation with the aim to induce relaxed sleep in every individual. The oil is derived from the plant cellulose of the Vijaya Leaf Extract and the goodness is then distributed in the patient’s bloodstream. With the power of ancient Ayurveda, the Sleep aid oil does an exceptional job of soothing muscle spasms and tension, thereby alleviates stress and induces peace for sleep.  The Vijaya leaf extract helps patients fall asleep faster, wake up less during the night, and enjoy better sleep quality overall. In Ayurveda, sleep is one of the three pillars of good health, known as Nidra. And consistent use of our oil over a period of three months will effectively help in improving the overall physical and mental well-being of every individual. And thanks to the ECS system present in every human being, the medication effect of our oil starts within 90 mins. Compounds found in Vijaya leaf extract include CBD, CBN, and terpenes support healthy sleep. Basically, Vijaya leaf in Ayurveda is used for treating digestive issues, headaches, pains, and anxiety. For better sleep, Vijaya is used very commonly to induce good sleep, especially for people who are tired, anxious or fearful for some reason. Our product can also be used to induce both relaxation and altered states of consciousness, which is beneficial for deep meditation. The oil mainly aims to  revolutionize the wellness pace among individuals so that they can lead a beneficial healthy life. The prime factor to use our Sleep aid oil is that it effectively alleviates migraine pain and directly influences the body’s ECS. Vijaya leaf extract also influences the brain’s pain processing regions which significantly decreases the pain. Another major reason is that it does not show any harmful side effects on health, unlike traditional medications.
When our oil is applied, it spreads & absorbs deep into the skin, and activates its ingredients to provide relief from non- sleepiness with a calming effect. The amazing blend of Ayurveda in our oil is a perfect solution for body pain, as it gives relief from muscle stiffness, muscle soreness, and induces relaxed sleep.  Regularly massaging with our oil will also strengthen the bone, increase blood supply to the surrounding muscles and rejuvenate the nerves, thus providing lasting relief to the body. Since our oil is a creation based on the traditional healing system of Ayurveda, it places equal emphasis on the body, mind and spirit. Vijaya’s immense potency is well known in India since time immemorial. It finds its mention in great sacred texts and classic ayurvedic scriptures.

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